LevFin Wrap — A&E tidal wave lands; Ineos expected in Q1


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LevFin Wrap — A&E tidal wave lands; Ineos expected in Q1

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  1. David Orbay-Graves
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The market has well and truly reopened, and the tidal wave of A&Es and refinancings – anticipated for some months – has finally landed. 9fin this week launched its new A&E Waiting List publication, a handy tracker for all the deals in the market, be they opportunistic or stressed maturity extensions. (If you are not a client but would like to request a copy, please complete your details here).

Not everyone is enamoured with this new market dynamic. “The problem with A&Es, beside [the fact] they’re just boring, is that preference, of course, always goes to existing lenders,” one buysider complained to 9fin earlier this week. “If you're not already in it, you're going to struggle for allocations. That's the position we keep finding ourselves in.”

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